iStock_000006199741SmallMore than just an online survey, OurSCHOOL is a powerful evaluation instrument that provides a complete solution to inform school improvements.

The unique story of your school comes alive through data that are refreshed and generated with each new survey, allowing you to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in your school, right now. Also, since our surveys are anonymous, minorities and ‘at-risk’ groups are more likely to participate and help produce a more representative picture.

Our survey instruments are easy to administer and provide immediate results. Targeted interventions can be implemented within two days of closing a survey. We have a large proprietary database of surveyed students that serve as comparative norms, making it easy to target student populations that need specific attention. Our database also allows for reporting and assessments throughout the year as well as year-over-year comparisons.

The following features are available to schools using OurSCHOOL:


Interactive School Survey Charts
Plain numbers leave too much to the imagination. Our dynamic charts allow busy administrators, like you, to conduct in-depth analyses in a short amount of time. This is done by looking at the results of sub-populations within your school, such as grade, gender, language spoken at home, or Native American status, as well as your own unique criteria. You can also add comparison lines, data from your previous years, and create a “story” of charts that support your priority initiatives.

We recognize that not all schools, districts, or states have the same priorities or data reporting requirements. With our flexible survey composing feature, the process of creating a customized survey is seamless and easy. With over 40 dependable measures to draw from, in a menu organized by theme, a custom-built student survey that aligns with your specific needs can be easily created. Alternatively, you can choose from a menu of pre-configured surveys, with measures that have already been selected by theme for you.

How-to Resources
A wealth of member-only tools are available once you have logged onto the OurSCHOOL system. There are a number of how-to videos, step-by-step guides, and reference documents. We have even written time-saving template letters for administrators who would like to get important messages out to stakeholders before surveys are conducted. Members also have access to recorded webinars facilitated by subject-matter experts on topics such as bullying and student engagement, as well as other webinars presented by members who outline how they use the OurSCHOOL solution to support their school improvement plans.

Helpdesk Assistance
Friendly, knowledgeable, timely, and in-depth technical assistance is available at every step of the survey administration. When unexpected questions arise, our team of product-knowledge experts are ready to troubleshoot and respond to your requests.

An Intuitive Online Environment
If you prefer to work autonomously, the OurSCHOOL online environment is very intuitive. We have made it easy to register schools and their leaders in the system, to create a customized or pre-configured survey, to choose measures, to add custom questions, and to generally support the administration of the survey at participating schools. The range of reporting tools bring a vast depth of information to your fingertips with just a few simple clicks.