We have developed interactive methods to analyze your data in an efficient and insightful manner. Each school population has different characteristics and in order to get to the real story behind your results, it is invaluable to be able to identify which segment of your school population needs attention. Applying corrective measures to a small group of students is much more effective and efficient than taking the entire school population through the process.

Interactive Charts

Our dynamic charts allow busy administrators, like you, to conduct in-depth analyses in a short amount of time. This is done by looking at the results of sub-populations within your school, such as grade, gender, language spoken at home, or Native American status, as well as your own unique criteria. You can also add comparison lines, data from your previous years, and create a “story” of charts that support your priority initiatives. We’ve done all the hard work, so you can concentrate on designing appropriate interventions based on what’s really going on in your school.


We have been able to create a rich data set of norms, which are useful comparisons based on a large number of responses from schools of all sizes and locations. Knowing where your data sits in the bigger picture allows you to really see which areas you can celebrate, and which areas you can target for improvement.

Replica School
“I have a different group of students than other schools.” Sound familiar? Many administrators have told us that they wish they could compare their data with a school comprised of students with similar socio-economic backgrounds. The unique Replica School feature provides such a comparison, making it possible to fairly compare results with a virtual school that has the same student composition as yours.

Year-over-Year Comparison
A distinct advantage of OurSCHOOL surveys lies in the ability to monitor continuously during the school year, and year-over-year. This allows you to effectively observe the impact of your school improvement efforts. Easy access to results over time rather than a one-off snapshot is just one way of helping you to achieve your school improvement goals.

Scrapbook provides a place to conveniently store and easily retrieve favorite picks from your Interactive Charts. You can add multiple variations of the same measure if different drill-downs tell your story. This unique time-saving feature makes it easy to store information for future reference, edit chart and Scrapbook titles, tag charts to add them to groups, add personalized notes, and even download them to your desktop in PDF or PowerPoint slides with the click of a button.

Open-Ended and Multiple-Choice Questions

We offer all clients the option to add your own open-ended or multiple-choice questions to a survey. These customized inquiries can include a burning question you’d love to ask or any specific priority issue on which you’d like to get further insight. Results from these questions can be accessed online and can be drilled down by gender, grade, keyword, and more.

Word Cloud
With the click of a button, the results to your open-ended questions can be arranged into a “word cloud”. This word cloud shows you the words most commonly used in students responses. The larger the word, the more often it appears in the responses. If you would like to see all the responses containing a specific word, you can simply click the word in the cloud and then click the “Submit” button. A list of all responses containing that word will appear at the bottom of the page.

Word Cloud