OurSCHOOL|TTFM (Tell Them From Me) provides powerful tools to manage multiple schools within a jurisdiction. You can not only create surveys to be used by all schools in your jurisdiction but you can also analyze individual school results or aggregate data as you see fit.

MultischoolMulti-School Tools Available

We provide powerful tools to help manage multiple schools within a jurisdiction.

The following features are exclusively available for multi-school groups:

Single Indicator Reports
Single-indicator reports are designed to allow you to extract the results of a specific survey measure from each of the participating schools.

Roll-up Interactive Charts
Roll-up interactive charts are a unique set of tools available for multi-school administrators to explore both school-level and school-group data.

School Group Reports
School Group reports are designed for jurisdictions overseeing multiple schools. This powerful tool allows you to create unique “clusters” (i.e. groups of schools) by dragging and dropping them into categories you create.

In-Depth Hands-on Training
Our knowledgeable Account Success Managers (ASM) are available to guide you through every step of the school survey implementation and reporting process. ASMs use state-of-the-art delivery tools to facilitate online orientation and training sessions for both districts and schools. They also provide subject-matter expert sessions to enrich your knowledge and experience. With in-depth product knowledge and familiarity with the reporting requirements of each province, your ASM can provide assistance with the selection of measures that will best align with your goals, and organize procedure training to ensure commonality among schools.

Optional Debriefs
Although the reports that are generated are simple to interpret, on occasion it can be challenging to find the real story in your reports. We have gone the extra mile to make optional debriefs available to anyone who would like our experts to carefully review the data with you. An online meeting with school leaders can be scheduled to review the findings focusing on the areas that need to be reinforced, as well as the recommendations for targeted interventions.