Thematic ReportsA variety of OurSCHOOL|TTFM reporting tools are available at your fingertips within two school days of closing your survey, meaning that you can target interventions at exactly the right time to make a difference.

In-Depth Results, Multiple Reports

Our research and design team have taken the guess work out of data analysis for school leaders. A variety of school survey reporting tools are available at your fingertips within 2 school days of closing your survey. This means you can target interventions at precisely the right time in order to make a difference.

The following reporting tools come standard with OurSCHOOL|TTFM student surveys:

One-Click Reports
To make it as easy as possible to access your results, we have a “one-click” report that brings you an overview of all measures straight to your desktop. The easy-to-read, dynamically generated PDF ensures that you’re only ever one click away from up-to-date, accurate information on what’s going on in your school. A quick glance at each measure makes it easy to spot patterns or anomalies.

Thematic Reports
Thematic Reports are four-page reports written for an audience of educators and parents. They are generated by the evaluation system in a PDF format so they can be shared with school staff and parents. The content of the first three reports includes the following focus areas:

Bullying and School Safety: In response to the growing awareness of how important a safe school environment is for a student’s learning and well-being, we have developed a report that provides you with actionable information regarding bullying, exclusion, and sexual harassment in your school and district. This survey is designed for grades 6 and up.

Student Engagement: With leading-edge indicators on social, institutional, and intellectual engagement, this report focuses on measuring student disposition towards learning, working with others, and functioning in a social institution. This survey is designed for grades 6 and up.

High School Completion: This report uses a wide range of measures to make predictions about the likelihood of students completing high school. It allows you to identify specific populations of at-risk students and gain a deeper understanding of the factors contributing to drop-out. This survey is designed for grades 6 and up.

Career Pathways: The critical process of career planning starts in early childhood and intensifies during adolescence. The OurSCHOOL Secondary Student Survey now gives you insight into your students’ aspirations and career knowledge, and shows you what factors they consider obstacles to employment.

Teacher & Parent Insight Reports
The Teacher and Parent reports provide insightful and practical information in PDF format, which can be easily integrated into your school improvement efforts. Both reports use ‘radar’ charts, which present averages for each measure on a 10-point scale. For closer analysis, breakdowns of the average point scale or the percentage for each response are also provided where appropriate.